Top 3 Reasons New Patients Can’t Find Your Dental Practice Online

It’s almost a month now, and you realize no new patients have used your dental practice. Your findings indicate that new patients are having a hard time finding your dental practice online. Of course, you might be tempted to blame your competitors or the economy for your loss. But doing so is not the solution to your problem.

In this post, we will highlight the top 5 reasons new patients can’t find your dental practice and explain how you can quickly resolve this difficulty as quickly as possible. Read on.

You don’t have a website or your website is not well-optimized.

Google will rank dental practices on its results page based on how well their websites are optimized. Are you using the right keywords for your web content? Did you add metatags to all your Home Page, About Us, Blogs, etc.? Is your website loading quickly? These are some variables that determine whether search engine companies will rank your websites higher on their search results pages.

If you don’t know how to fix this problem, we recommend that you should join our marketing academy or watch our video lessons on how to optimize your dental-practice websites using the right keywords and SEO strategies.

You don’t have online reviews related to your dental practice.

Customers are increasingly relying on online reviews to make appointment decisions. If you don’t have online reviews on Google, YouTube, Yellow pages, or Facebook, it would be difficult for new patients to know about your dental practice.

So, visit and register your dental practice on these sites. After the end of each dental appointment, make sure you send your clients links which they can click to rate your dental services.

You don’t have online footprints on social media.

We all know that marketing your dental practice on social media is time-consuming and stressful. Yet you need to be active on social media to expand the reach of your dental practice online. Here is why. The more you post content about your dental practice on social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, the more people will like and comment on your brand.

If you don’t know, search engine companies like Google usually crawl and index these comments, likes, and shares to rank your dental practice on search engine results pages.

On the contrary, you don’t need to be posting content on your social media account every day. Just make sure that you are engaging your followers on social media with at least two posts per week.


The Internet has become a global culture. You can’t ignore your social media accounts or your websites and expect new patients to find your dental practice online. It won’t work.

At more patients, we are here to help you with smart marketing strategies that will help you attract many new patients to your dental practice. Contact us today and let’s know how we can assist you to boost the visibility of your dental practice online.


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