The reason why your official dental practice website is ineffective and how you can fix this

Having just a website is not sufficient in generating fresh patients for your clinic. A great website will undoubtedly introduce some new faces, and this is what a great website is all about.


Marketing is essential to expand any business and make them independently sustainable, particularly in the field of dentistry. Primary dental clinics do not concentrate on promotion and marketing the way they should.

Instead, they concentrate on dealing with numerous PPO providers, which is important in an “income sharing marketing agency” which forces dentists to take a cut from the profits that their practices make. If you carefully estimate this, PPO is typically more expensive than the Google search or Facebook, while they are both capable of offering similar results – fresh patients.

I think that dentists should know the way to effectively promote their dental practices to become independently sustainable that they will not have to depend too much on PPOs. As owners of their training, dentists are principally entrepreneurs, and every entrepreneur is a great marketer. Let us go in deeper and discuss how you can fix up your official website and enable it to promote your dental clinic effectively.

The reason for owning a website

Many dental practices create dull brochure websites while neglecting the real aim of the website to their dental clinics. I have noticed numerous poorly built websites, which makes me sometimes ask how these clinics can get more patients. More than 75% of visitors to websites ignore a website because it has been designed poorly. A quality website design is highly essential and can either help or harm a clinic’s ability to get fresh patients as well as potential patients. The website needs to concentrate on these items.

Education of patients

Use images, videos as well as written out content to effectively educate your patients to become more aware of your clinical procedures, get answers to frequent questions, as well as explain the advantages of your dental services.

Your dental credibility

Has your clinic ever been shown on the local news, or have you been applauded due to your dental skills? Alternatively, have you helped out on the community in any way? Your credibility goes a long way in building trust. And if patients feel that they can trust you, this will undoubtedly lead to you getting more patients. Your official website needs to display your achievements and create a suitable credibility level for your clinic.

Create generators for leads

Leads are very vital to your dental clinic being a successful one. When you have leads, your dental clinic survives, while they dwindle without these leads. What does a lead mean? This is somebody that may likely become your customer. And this is not usually everybody you have in the community. A lead is known as a person that wants or needs your services. And who is going to get lots of values from the services you render to them. Leads typically come in segmented forms, which means that they are divided into various groups of individuals that require multiple services. For instance, period patients, hygiene patients, denture patients, etc.

Enable patients to become familiar with you and the dental team.

I run across numerous dental websites that are not personal and fail to make visitors connect with you over the internet easily. The advantage of the website to a dental practice is the ability of the practice to establish a connection between you and the visitor, even in your absence.

You must make use of videos, pictures, images as well as the written content in introducing yourself to prospective patients and enable them to know you accurately before they get to visit the dental clinic.

Make it easy for patients to discover and get in touch with you

This reason is typically apparent; however, it is often neglected. Make your patients quickly get your daytime phone number, your email address as well as a current location if they visit your website. Ensure that this information can be accessed through their smartphones as well as other devices. Several dental clinics have live chat alternatives set up on their website to help patients get a superior experience as well as to assist them in the generation of leads. A lot of people do not like to speak over the phone.

Create a lead magnet

What does the lead magnet mean? Based on Entrepreneur magazine, “The lead magnet is a useful content that is offered to somebody as an exchange for their active email address. Rather than buying an online e-book, for instance, they can easily sign up as a part of your mailing lists. This way, they can get a link to download the e-book without charge freely.”

This could be applied for promotions and coupons. Also, I have been able to notice dental practices give out whitening kits free of charge to get the emails of new patients.

However, the issue here is that a majority of dental clinic websites fail to have this all-important tool as a component of their internet marketing. It is essential to obtain names, their emails as well as any other useful contact information of visitors that are not yet patients of your clinic. There is money in those email list addresses. A majority of dental clinics create an official website and wish that they will get more patients at the clinic. This is not often the case. You shall need a motivating incentive for the patients to part with their information. You could make use of a particular coupon or offer which does not cost much but would be worth more to the visitors.

For instance, one of the numerous businesses that I partner with offers offices e-book free of charge, which details how the dental membership programs can be grown and avoid dental insurance. As an exchange for sharing something valuable, they then get the contact information of the patient. A different business offers social media site designs free of charge to help in generating awareness and move traffic from the social media page straight to the website of a dental clinic. A good lead magnet is a great and worthy tool for your visitors. If your lead magnet is weak, you will be denied all the advantages of a consistent lead.

Getting visitors by using content

With the aspect of the website gotten out of the way, this is now the time to get traffic to visit your website. This is a list of valid methods to get traffic to your websites: radio interviews, radio ads, ads from search engines, TV ads, TV features, referral cards, TV ads, billboards as well as blasts of emails from neighboring businesses.

There are a significant number of channels for marketing. This involves blending both offline and online channels to bring traffic to your website. This is since about 85% out of the total people will pay a visit to the website right before they call, visit the dental clinic or send an email to the dental clinic. This is the primary reason that your website is essential and should be correctly set up and appear sufficiently professional to attract new patients to visit the clinic.

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