The Power of Influencers In Your Dental Marketing Ecosystem

Influencer marketing is a form of word-of-mouth advertisement undertaken by those who hold significant impact and effect based on their opinion within certain communities or online forums. Influencer marketing has been gathering a steady pace ever since social media platforms have become strong tools of digital marketing and engagement.

With 74% of people trusting and using social media for purchase decisions, online influencer marketing is the fastest growing customer-acquisition method. The budgets for influencer marketing are only swelling with each passing year, indicating that it is here to stay. If you are looking to leverage the web of influencer marketing for your dental practice, here are a few pointers to keep in mind before joining the bandwagon.

How Does Influencer Marketing Help Dental Practices?

The foremost benefit of influencer marketing is seen in increased brand awareness. Through the influencer’s post, your brand can experience increased traffic to their social media accounts and website. Further, with custom links and landing pages, arriving at your website is made all the easier.

Influencer marketing works well in driving lead generations. Not only does it work in increasing your practice’s awareness, but it also gives followers of the influencer the assurance of their endorsement and validation for our brand. This enables prospective customers to develop a level of trust with your practice for future services. You can effectively push them further through the sales channel by offering one-time redemption codes or first-time discounts through your influencer’s post.

Influencer marketing can also do a great deal of good with your existing patient pool. Seeing an influencer endorse a service or a brand you already engage with will give your existing patients a validation of having made the right choice in choosing your services. This could prompt them to share or re-endorse the influencer’s content on their social media account, increasing its churn and penetration greatly.

How Do You Choose The Right Influencers For Your Dental Practice

One thought process that’s a sure-shot hit is to go for micro-influencers who possess a stronghold in your city or state. Rather than investing efforts with a national or a global influencer, a local one is likely to strike a chord with your immediate target audience, that is the community you operate in. These could be local sportsmen, local bloggers, entertainers, stand-up comedians or even business leaders. A good crop of influencers could be local fashion bloggers, designers, make-up artists and models who give the impression of well-groomed individuals.

Further, it is important to ascertain that the personality, character, and image of this influencer resonate with that of your dental brand. If your dental practice as an entity stands for trust, integrity, and safety, identify an influencer who displays these qualities in the way they conduct themselves.

Additionally, influencers need not be an individual person but can also be other like-minded businesses, community welfare groups, local authorities or even charities that stand for the cause of healthy living.

Considerations Before Opting For Influencer Marketing

It is important to clearly demarcate a social influencer from a paid partnership. The Advertising Standards Authority has increased vigilance on this front as many influencers fail to mention that they are being paid for their opinion by brands they endorse.

While a social influencer could simply be endorsing your dental practice from a past experience or as a favour to a known entity, a formal paid engagement to do so must be clearly called out to instil transparency and clarity in digital marketing. This includes timelines, nature of the content and its frequency, defining the usage of landing pages, URLs and whether or not your influencer will revert to queries coming in for your practice.


Tying in the element of influencer marketing is essential to having a well-rounded digital strategy for your dental practice. Make sure you get the many nuances of influencer marketing right in order for it to work well to your advantage.

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