The Importance of Keywords In Helping Your Dental Practice Ace Search Engine Results

Customer behavior is a set of unique traits that differ from person to person. While some prospective customers are price-sensitive, some others allow location specifications or convenience to govern their conversion decisions. The same certainly holds good for dental services too.

In such situations, it is important for the success of your dental practice to roll out digital marketing initiatives that envelope the entire spectrum of customer behavior and use it to your advantage. Each of these customer behavior brackets can be drawn to you through a set of niche keywords that signify the core requirement or primary pain point of the consumer. If you are a dental practice looking to increase your patient base, here’s how working with the right keywords can lend success to your digital marketing initiatives.

Include Price Points In Your PPC Ads

Close to 44%1 of patients avoid a certain dentist because they find their price points too steep. Can keywords help you get around this? Certainly! Including price-sensitive keywords in your search engine or social media ad campaigns is a sure-shot way to catch the attention of a price-sensitive patient.

Including certain words such as ‘discount’, ‘cheap’, ‘first-time offers’ etc could help with the necessary traction. Needless to say, your PPC ad claims will have to be backed up by a marginal first-time discount for certain price-sensitive patients. Give them an excellent service experience and you are likely to have them back for more even at your regular prices.

Acknowledge The Sense of Emergency Of Your Patients With Corresponding Keywords

It is common knowledge that most patients dislike going to dentists. At the onset of slight pain, many people put off a visit and adopt self-care measures to avoid dental treatment. Enhanced perception of pain, discomfort with dental procedures and busy everyday schedules may be possible reasons.

It is not until the pain is unbearable and medical attention urgent that many patients sought expert intervention. Interestingly, their keyword searches to reflect the urgency of the situation. Typing words such as ‘emergency’, ‘urgent’, ‘call’ or ‘immediate’ are not uncommon. Some prospects even look for ‘dental service on weekends’ to accommodate time in their busy schedule. If you could tie these keywords in your ad campaigns or web content, be certain to receive patients who are certainly in need of just that – urgent dental treatments.

Leverage Location-Based Keywords

Your target audience involves all those who reside in the city of your operation. There’s little benefit if your SEO and digital marketing attract a patient sitting in New Orleans while you operate in Orlando. Which is why triggering location-based keywords in your ad campaigns work better than just the keyword. Switch ‘dentist’ with ‘Orlando dentist’, go for ‘best Orlando dental clinic’ over ‘best dental clinic’.

This will also help you capture those prospects who use voice assistants such as Siri and Alex to help them find a dentist ‘near me’. In fact, we would go a step further to suggest you even tag your locality and street in a few ad campaigns as many prospects look for the closest possible service for convenience.

Lay Larger Emphasis on Long-Tail Keywords

Despite what most businesses may think of their prospects being pressed for time, the truth is that almost all browsers use long-tail keywords in their searches to narrow down search results. Surprised? Research says long-tail keywords account for 70% of all online searches2. Long-tail searches are those that involve 3-5 words or maybe even more. So your patients are likely to look for ‘pain-free teeth whitening that’s safe’ rather than just ‘teeth whitening’ and then having to wade through the results to arrive at a procedure that safe and pain-free. Go for the longer keywords with variants in requirements to bag prospects that may have narrowed their searches to specific offerings.


So, the learning here is to include as many features, benefits, requirements, characteristics and details of your service in your keywords and backlinks to lead them to your website through all possible searches. Lend your digital campaigns the leverage of sturdy keywords and watch them achieve those numbers for you.

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