Remarketing – Why Your Existing Patients Deserve Your Marketing Mindshare

Did you know that acquiring a new customer costs five times more than retaining an existing customer?

The creative faculties and strategies that go into retaining an existing customer is what we call remarketing. In the conundrum of acquiring new patients, dental practices often forget how very beneficial and vital it is to hold onto the existing ones.

Having said that, remarketing is not only targeted at people who have availed a service from you. It involves tapping into those browsers who have enquired about dental services online or perhaps visited your website and have dropped out of the sales funnel from thereon. Nudging them along the path of conversion is also something remarketing helps dental practices achieve.

Further, the conversion needs not just mean walking in for dental treatment. It could involve following your social media handles, registering for your newsletters or even signing up for a dental survey. After all, all these activities help put your brand out there, don’t they? These various facets of remarketing can derive multi-fold benefits for your practice from brand awareness, brand association, cross-selling and even new customer acquisition. Here are some aspects of remarketing that help achieve all this and more.

Search Retargeting

This unique facet of remarketing involves targeting those online searches or entities who have looked up services related to your offerings but haven’t quite landed on your page yet. Do you often wonder how advertisements for various food processor brands splash onto your browser after you look up KitchenAid’s new food processor variant? Well, that’s search retargeting in action!

For a dental service such as yourself, this type of remarketing allows you to catch the attention of those browsers who have shown interest in your competitors’ website. Perhaps a browser is looking for Invisalign options in the city and has stumbled upon a few of your competitors that do not offer this service. Let’s give them a good reason to consider your dental practice for their treatment with some strong search retargeting strategies that include social media ads, search engine ad campaigns and much more.

Onsite Retargeting

Remarketing does not end with bringing a browser to your website. Onsite retargeting is a niche form of remarketing that helps retain those who are already on your page. Exit intent pops are one such tool to onsite retention that help browsers stick on to your page.

A classic example of this could be a browser who intends to exit your page after scrolling through the insurance clauses of your dental treatment. But, a pop-up on a discount code that is applicable for services sought on weekday mornings helps them through the conversion. That way, they save on their total cost and you have a customer walking in on a relatively free weekday morning.

Interestingly, remarketing need not be restricted to digital platforms alone. Referencing and personalized remarketing are stellar examples of how your staff and even your existing patients can help you along with your remarketing objectives.

Leverage the Power of Referencing

Never underestimate the power of good referrals your existing patients have. If you invest in retaining your old patients and staying connected with them, chances are they will refer you to their relatives and friends looking for dental services. This form of word-of-mouth advertisement is not only free but is also a direct and tremendously beneficial result of remarketing. Research says that a 5 percent increase in customer retention can lead to a 75% percent increase in the profitability of a business.

Personalized Remarketing & Cross-Selling

Should your practice be running some seasonal discounts on dental services, have your staff dial your existing customer or someone who has just registered on your website for a newsletter to notify them of it. This will instill in them the sense that you remember them and intend to drive the benefit of savings to them. You could also get in touch with them if you are starting a new service in your facility.


Nothing works better than reaching out to past patients and welcoming them back. Remarketing is an often-undermined form of marketing that can offer far-reaching benefits to your dental practice. All you need is some thought and effort in the direction of retaining those patients who have already shown a certain level of interest for your offering.


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