Knowing the right way of responding to bad reviews

Dentists must manage their reputation. This is what you should do when any patient that you have treated leaves a bad review of you.

It is always crucial for dental practices to have online reviews. They typically help in creating trusts among prospective patients. Reviews perform a similar function as a traditional verbal recommendation, but they can get to a much wider audience. This alone makes the management of a reputation as a dentist a useful marketing tool to get new patients.

Reviews online typically let potential patients get the first impression of your dental practice and are as effective as individual endorsements. They also have the capability to enhance the visibility of your dental clinic among search engines: reviews have the potential to better influence potential customers than advertising. In contrast to advertising, online reviews have more capability at increasing the leverage in focused search engine optimization (SEO).

Prospective patients see reviews as impartial and sincere since fellow patients like them write them. And again, anything that gets said about you by your patients carries more weight than the things you speak about yourself. However, what is the best way of replying to negative reviews?

No single dentist is happy to see a negative comment from a patient about his or her dental practice. Regardless of the effectiveness of the dental services you provide, negative reviews, as well as low ratings, will discourage any prospective patient, therefore controlling your reputation online is essential to put your dental practice in a favorable position. Naturally, it is expected to be angry after a negative review. However, this will not solve anything.

The following ideas will help in responding to bad reviews to alleviate the effects and help in changing the experience to a favorable event for the benefit of your dental clinic. Some tools can help improve this situation. However, a dental business promotion company could be what your clinic needs to enhance and track your online reviews.

Do not neglect a lousy review

If you refuse to reply to a bad review, it may seem that you do not care about the opinions of your patients. A different reason you need to respond to a bad review it could appease the unhappy patient. It could achieve this by showing that you have the intention to find a solution to the problem they have. Also, when you respond to an adverse review, it will distinguish you from other competing practices that do not respond to reviews. It also bolsters the message, which shows that you want the best for your patients.

Be calm

When you see a bad review about your dental practice, breathe deeply, stay calm and think carefully about this. If you deal with any patient that has complained about a negative experience with your dental clinic, it is useful if there are several model responses to rely on. These could be where you start your answer; however, this response needs some refinement to deal with the concerns of the patient individually. It would help if you remembered that when you reply to an online review, your answer becomes visible online. Therefore you should not attack the patient in writing.

Solve the problem

Whereas people need to see that you have responded to a bad review online, you should also deal with the issues that had been raised. This could mean inviting the patient over to your office or discuss the situation in detail. When you do any of this, you demonstrate to the person -and any potential patients – that you have the will to find a solution to any problems that they might be having.

Even when the patient has refused your offer of having an individual conversation, you have demonstrated to online viewers that you had a will to make the situation better. This can help make potential patients trust your dental clinic. As soon as you have solved the problem with a patient, you can now make them change the online review or take it off the internet.

A negative review can also help you improve the method of operation of your dental practice. If you have diligently observed the words of the angry patient, you could discover more significant problems that need solving.

Get further positive reviews

One out of the best methods of minimizing the impact of negative reviews is to gain additional good reviews. Minimize the effects of a negative assessment by making all the patients that you treat to post-assessments of your dental practice. Direct them towards review sites such as Yelp, Google and Facebook. Research shows that approximately 70% of all consumers will post a review online when asked. Also, over 80% of consumers believe in online reviews similarly to some personal recommendations. An additional benefit of boosting continuous reviews is the fact that prospective patients tend to trust more recent reviews.

Pay attention to your reviews

You cannot respond to a bad review when you do not see it. Therefore it is essential to monitor your online reviews. Every time that patients discuss your dental clinic or you on the internet, you should know what is being said. When you see, you can easily enhance the favorable reviews and work on repairing the possible damage caused by the adverse comments. A practical online review technique is always essential for regional establishments such as dental clinics. A survey in 2017 carried out under the platform of the BrightLocal SEO discovered that all consumers checked the internet for a local business, while 30% see responses on reviews as significant in assessing local companies.

Dealing with fake bad reviews

Fake bad reviews can be a nightmare for little businesses such as dental clinics, which may likely cause potential patients to seek dental services elsewhere. Fraudulent defamatory feedback can be annoying. However, you have no guarantees that it can be taken off. But, depending on what types of website it is, you could ask for a reassessment of the review.

The first thing to do is to spend some time to find out to be sure that the review is false. If you do decide to respond to a fake review online publicly, you should write a respectful response. Do not settle on hurling insults or make accusations towards the reviewers about anything. Replying to a false bad review allows you to focus on the central values promoted by your dental clinic by offering the ideal care to patients. Contrariwise, an aggressive reply and trying to respond lastly can become increasingly harmful rather than helping the situation.

Since the review is a fake one, then it is evident that the problem of this person cannot be dealt with effectively. But you can show your genuine patients and potential clients that you know about this lousy assessment. You could further let them know that you have a hard stance towards reviews.

If there is a bad review written on the profile of your Google My Business (GMB), you could have it removed, if it disobeys Google’s policies of being out of topic or if it has an offensive language or if it consists of a direct personal attack. Facebook has a tendency to remove reviews if they violate the platform’s community requirements, which forbids sexual harassment and bullying.

The challenges of taking a legal action

You can think about a legal action whenever a false review seems to be malicious, but this action could be costly, time-consuming and discouraging. Because the First Amendment guarantees the freedom to speak, the law on defamation in the United States tends to increasingly protect defendants rather than the libel legislation in numerous other countries. An additional problem is the meaning of libel is different in various states, and any defendant could as well apply the libel court defense to state that the online review is a fair one.

Do not allow bad reviews to bring you down

The frequent lousy review is unavoidable, and the potential of false, damaging reviews is present all the time. But the moment that you have a plan to deal with these effectively, you should not fail to ask your patients for genuine positive reviews. These online reviews symbolize a tremendous promotional tool which can become a crucial element in bringing in new patients.

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