Is Print Advertising Worth It for Your Dental Practice?

There were days when printing advertisement was the core of advertising your business because there were not a lot of options accessible. Printing advertising can work but at the same time, it is a bit costly and you don’t know whether it is going to work. It is basically like hit and miss. Furthermore, tracking ROI on printing advertisements is also very tough and challenging; only the pros can do so.

With all the expenses involved and the hype that digital marketing has gathered; printing advertisement has lost its charm and is gradually becoming very rarely used. It is not looked up to as a cost-effective method which puts it way behind the race of marketing. However, it is not completely gone and there are ways through which you can make it work.

Printing advertisement is still capable of bringing you new opportunities. If you do a bit of research, you might be able to take printing advertising up a notch. By doing a comparison between online advertisement and a potential campaign, you can track the reach and frequency of both. You need to study the demographic data of the publications before you print an advert. So, the question is how will this help you? It will let you know what is right for your target patients and market in all. Put the readers, age limits and locations, etc. in the planning and researching as well.

Once you have all the right data in your hands, you can determine your budget and frequency for the printing advert. You might realize that you don’t have the budget to run the advert again and again. Thus, don’t do that. You need to focus on reach then the frequency. Thus, let your focal point be “reach.” running a campaign, with a series of ads, will help you build awareness about your dental practices.


What should your print advert be like?

If you have planned to go for a print advert, then you need to make sure that it is attractive enough for the audience. Your name or practice expertise is not enough for grabbing attention. It is simply a waste of time and money and effort.

Your aim with a print advert is to hold the attention of your ideal patient. You must know what your ideal patient would love to see in a dental advertisement. Think about the needs and wants of the patient and then create the advert. When you are designing an advertisement, make sure that you are not thinking like a dentist; you need to put yourself in the patient’s shoes.

Your advertisement should be a motivational source for them. It should provide them with a reason to contact you right away or at least think about contacting you. Giving them an offer is going to help you in providing them a reason for taking action through your advert.

You need to stop relying on one print advert for a long time. Plan several and run them one after the other and track them. Although tracking a print advert is very tough but getting a pro to do so. Once you know which advert runs the best; run it again and again until you have another one that runs successfully. Although digital marketing is the best option, print advertising is not completely out of fashion too. It is a traditional marketing method and it will never go completely out of the marketing trends. You just need to know how to make it work.


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