How Online Medical Directories & Reviews Can Help Boost Your Practice

Aren’t we all guilty of hitting a Google immediately for symptoms we experience before seeking professional help? Whether it is a skin allergy, a toothache or any other ailment, the current tech-savvy generation is certain to reach the end of diagnosis even before they see an expert. What with the biggest repository of information at our fingertips, patients walk into any medical appointment being most self-aware and informed than ever before. Is there a way your dental practice can leverage this space?

Certainly. With a score of digital directories and review websites aiding decision-making for patients, the only way for dental practices to benefit from them is to flow with the tide. In this article, we shall explore how you can make online medical directories and review websites work for you. For the uninitiated, let’s begin by talking about what online medical directories really are and how they’re increasingly proving to be beneficial for dental practices.

What Are Online Medical Directories?

If you were to Google a symptom you are experiencing, WebMD, American Medical Association, RateMDs, UCompareHealthCare among others are some of the websites that are likely to be among the first few on the SERPs. These are nothing but online directories.

Remember the big fat Yellow Pages book that was a handy reference back in the day? Well, online medical directories are the modern digital version of it. Aside from general online directories like Google My Business and Yelp, there are dedicated ones to the field of medicine and dentistry. Some of the common dentistry directories include:



How Can Online Medical Directories Help Your Dental Practice?

Now coming to the all-important question, should you list your dental practice on these online directories? Well, if the trend already doesn’t make it obvious, it is certainly a big yes. Here’s why.

Prospective New Patients Find You: Whether it is someone new in town or a patient who likes to do their homework (who doesn’t?), prospective patients usually look up online directories for the best dental experts around them. Not only can they run through your credentials, but these directories also give them an insight into your availability, your location, probable consultation fees and a whole lot more.

SEO Benefits: A lot of what you put up about yourself on these online directories can be optimised from an SEO perspective with high-quality backlinks. This will tremendously boost your SEO campaign and drive patients to your website.

Increase Your Credibility: Having your credentials up on online directories certainly boosts your credibility in the industry as a practice to reckon with. Claiming your listing would involve furnishing details of your educational and personal endeavours, which help increase your visibility and traction among patients.

Keep Pace With Competition: Let’s face it. You don’t want to miss on any platform, interface or ecosystem where your competitors could stand to benefit. If you don’t capitalize on the online directories bandwagon, it is your competitor who will.

The Power Of Online Ratings & Reviews

Many of these online directories have a ratings and reviews section that is certain to grab the eyeballs of prospective patients. Aside from online directories, there are also dedicated rating websites that allow past patients to rate and assess your services. In an age where reviews and ratings are weighed and watched before setting foot into a restaurant, you can’t expect dental services to stay out of the race.

Many review sites have partnered with Google that allows the search engine to aggregate its numbers to display a rating out of 5 on the search engine when any browser hits a search for your practice. Moreover, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations1. So these reviews ought to be taken seriously. While you can get your patrons and old, trusted patients to write you a positive review, there’s no denying steady and superior dental assistance is certainly going to make you big on the ratings. Further, never fail to acknowledge and respond to a negative review and promise to take necessary remedial action.


Your website, social media marketing and competitor strategies may be on point. But, including online directories and focusing on managing online reviews is certainly imperative to call your dental practice’s digital marketing strategy a well-rounded one.


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