How Community Outreach Is Proving to Be One of The Biggest Dental Marketing Tools

When businesses talk of expansion and increase in their customer base, they often broaden their spectrum of reach to geographies that transcend cities or towns. A dental practice, however, is certainly different. It goes without saying that your dental practice is a local business and is thus relies on your community or city to provide patients. For this reason, your dental marketing efforts must specifically center around the population base of your city to drive practice growth.

While new walk-in patients and existing patients help individual patient conversions and retention respectively, how do you connect with the entire community as a whole? Often an overlooked aspect of dental marketing, this blog aims to highlight how you can work community outreach to your advantage and the tremendous benefits it will bring to your dental practice. Community outreach helps you engage in direct marketing and word-of-mouth marketing while working to establish yourself as a relatable local entity in the eyes of the crowd. Let’s understand how.

What Are the Facets of Community Outreach?

Contrary to popular belief, community outreach does not mean going down the path of gratuity or donations. And no, it does not necessarily dig a hole in your pocket. Here are some simple activities you can partake in to develop a relationship with the city or community you operate in and facilitate mutual benefit.

Run Oral Health Awareness Programs

To show that your brand cares for the community and isn’t centered only around monetary gains, roll out activities that show you care. What better way to do so than organizing dental awareness programs? You could organize these in schools, community centers, places of religious worship or even local malls. The good part is you have people approach you on their own to discuss their dental health concerns. You help them relate to you as individuals.

What’s more, it doesn’t involve anything more than sharing some words of wisdom. For a thorough dental treatment, they will certainly have to visit your facility. These programs just help handle trivial dental concerns and enable you to usher them to your facility for more substantial ones.

Sponsor A Local League

As a dental practice, your power in community outreach doesn’t necessarily need to be restricted to your services and expertise alone. Consider there is a children football league in your locality that gathers tremendous local crowd and adulation yearly. How about you sponsor the jersey of one of the teams? Or set up a refreshment counter for energy drinks during half-time?

Not only will this give locals an opportunity to identify with you and your team as a dental services brand, but it will also drive home the point that you care. You deliver a message of shared responsibility towards the community as a brand that is available and deeply rooted in the local sentiment of the people.

Tie-Up with A Local University

There’s no better way to instill a sense of market leadership than positioning yourself before budding dentists as a practice they should reckon with. How better to achieve this than to address them in their place of apprenticeship? Visit local universities as an industry expert to share recent trends in dental care, your experience as a dental pioneer in the city or even handle a few lectures on a branch of study. Get the buzz around for your brand a leading name in the business.

Partner with A Local-Favorite Brand

Is there a homegrown brand in your city that strikes a chord with the locals’ sentiment? Perhaps a local eatery that’s a cult favorite that you could partner with. Discuss relationships of mutual benefit that could involve them rolling out a range of dental-friendly refreshments options. Apples, milk, mangoes, infused waters, and many other food groups are essential for good dental health. This could increase their footfall and also give your brand exposure as one that goes beyond remedial treatments to instill good dental habits among people.


Don’t restrict yourself to digital, print of OOH platforms to drive your dental business’ success. Take a step ahead in creating a relationship with your town and you will find yourself as their preferred dental solutions team sooner than you know it. Your claim to fame could very well be lurking in the humdrum streets of your cozy city.


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