Five primary reasons that patients are unable to see your dental practice on the internet.


Do you know that your dental clinic can easily be seen on the internet by prospective patients? It would be best if you reconsidered this.

About an excess of half (64%) of the total population of adults in the US of age 18 and more paid a visit to a dentist in 2016, based on relevant statistics from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The number shot up to about 84.6% among children aged between 2 and 17.

There is a strong demand for dentists. Therefore, you find it challenging to get new patients, and then you should look at your presence online. The following points are the reason that your present tactics for marketing your practice could be inadequate.

You have inadequate coverage online.

About some years back, people often referred to the ancient Yellow pages in finding dentists. However, internet-based directories have now taken over this responsibility. If you do have a piece of incomplete profile information about your practice in popular lists, then this can stop new patients from discovering your practice.

Local business citations (such as any internet listing of your business name, its address, as well as its contact phone number) can either positively or negatively your rankings on local internet search engines. The amount of citations, data accuracy, and the sophistication of the website that the information is mentioned affects its rankings.

Citations that are accurate help most patients in finding and contacting our dental clinic, but inaccurate quotes mislead search engines while impacting your rankings negatively.

If managing and tweaking the profiles of your practice and that of your provider is not an aspect of your present dentist’s promotional plan, then this is the right time for that to be changed. Your method needs to include Google as well as other different search engines, local maps, and primary health-care as well as local directories.

You do not have an optimized website

An excess of one-quarter (about 27%) out of all consumers get on the internet to search for local businesses daily in 2018, based on a report from BrightLocal. In other to be seen, you should get a website that is optimized. If the marketing technique for your dental practice does not make use of an SEO plan for the website of our dental business, then you have to change all of that now. The following steps show you how to develop a website that is optimized:

  • Do keyword research.
  • Insert the main keyword to the page title, the web’s URL, as well as the Meta description.
  • Consistently publish quality and unique content.
  • Utilize internal links on every page of the website.
  • Ensure that your dental clinic website loads very fast.

You do not have enough patient reviews online

Many (86%) consumers go through the reviews of local businesses, based on BrightLocal. So, the plan for marketing your dental practice must have collecting patient reviews. While online patient reviews tell fresh patients that your clinic offers quality care, it also can improve your rankings on search engines.

Google has announced that high-end, favorable patient reviews will enhance the visibility of your dental business.

To collect numerous feedbacks online, you need to share after-visit patient service satisfaction surveys. Based on research, only a few dentists, as well as several other practicing providers of health care. If your practice is among this, you should be aware that about 70% of the patients who are told to leave a review get online to do that, based on reports from BrightLocal. All you should do is a request for it.

You do not actively use social media

A majority (79%) of the total population in the USA make use of one social media form or the other, based on Statista. If you do not have your dental clinic on any social media platform or you have no active presence, you may not get new patients. Since the algorithm of Google is kept a secret, the level of influence that social media wields on SEO cannot be known. But it can perform the various indirect function. They include linking potential, increase brand awareness, as well as giving your business its needed promotion.

You should have an intense social media activity for your dental clinic through the completion of your clinic’s profiles, as well as posting original content regularly. It would be best if you increased your potential to be seen by providing a combination of sponsored and organic material.

Your marketing strategy for your practice does not make use of blogging.

When you blog, you position your dental websites as offering vital answers to questions from patients, which enhances the quality of your SEO. Most blog posts that are written explicitly for website SEO are capable of bringing in fresh patients for your practice. But despite this fact, it is highly likely that blogging is not a component of the promotional plan of your dental clinic. If this is the case for your marketing plan, then you are among numerous people who pay no attention to blogging.

Almost half the number of respondents in a little PatientPop assessment survey said that they were not blogging currently. The majority of them (about 40%) have blamed on not having sufficient time for content creation, followed closely by about 35.1% that had said that they lack adequate ideas to post regular, fresh posts.

If you cannot make up your mind about the things to write on, apply these industry best practices for starters.

  • Create a post related to the services that you provide.
  • You should customize the content to solve the local patient’s needs.
  • Create answers to frequently asked questions from patients.
  • Post fresh content regularly.

A promotional dental strategy that is aimed at expansion makes it easy for fresh patients to discover you online. This strategy certainly will give your practice some visibility and get your waiting room full of patients.

A dental marketing strategy aimed at growth makes your practice easy for new patients to find online. This will put your practice on the map and help fill your waiting room.

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