Every dental marketing has to pass through the front practice desk

The front desk staff at the dental office are essential team players as regards to the successful marketing of your practice. They should be trained expertly and be kept in the know if there are future campaigns. This factor helps them to know what to look forward to and how to help.


When performing in a marketing project, dental clinics are appropriately advised to identify what they think that their weakest links are. Most times, it is the front desk, surprisingly, that is the weakest link in these scenarios.

Based on our experience, way too many promotions and marketing programs are yet to get to their potentials. Or, in a worst-case scenario, they have been hindered, and not since the front desk is inept, but rather, it is down to lack of preparation. The following are our primary five challenges for consideration in getting the front desk for anything related to marketing on social media.

Being friendly is effective

The staff at the front desk should know about the marketing initiative being done for the benefit of dental practice. This act is to let them know that a part of the calls that they are going to be picking up will be coming from potential patients looking for further information, or rather, looking to schedule an appointment. This element means that they have to introduce themselves in a streamlined and professional way. They should say their name, call the clinic’s name, and, most fundamentally, ask if they can help. Sounds quite easy, but this should be done, and if it is not done, it could lead to debilitating results.

The influence that the front desk wields to make the practice a successful one is nearly limitless. An individual practice that we partnered with witnessed their recent patient number dwindle from just 53 in July 2017 to about just four by July 2018. What happened? Nothing much, but they had only changed the staff who stays at the front desk.

Try to listen up

Several software tools exist that enable you to record any incoming calls and lets you play them back later to listen to them. Or you could do that life if you need it. Truthfully, the single way of effectively supervising the front desk staff is usually by listening to how they perform their jobs as you do yours.

The essential two software that comes highly recommended is CallRail, which records and helps you to analyze calls. And secondly, Patient Prism, that is focused singularly on dental clinics to streamline their call processes.

Hoping for your front desk staff to effectively manage incoming calls is usually not enough. Neither is it adequate to think that since they are brilliant and friendly, that these give them the ability to manage incoming calls effectively.

Also, do not forget that if you are spending lots of money to generate incoming calls while those calls get lost because of a lack of preparation, it is a bad business practice. This is because, your cost to acquire a customer increases, while the ROI – return on investment of your promotion and marketing decreases…forever.

Distribute the word

If you are carrying out promotions and marketing on social media, the staff at the front desk needs to know as well as knowing particular aspects of the marketing and advertising. For example, if you are providing dental implant procedures for a minimal price of about $599. And then you do not tell your staff about the promotion. They may terminate any incoming call leads by saying no to people and deny the price. This alone could make people feel that your dental clinic does deceptive advertising.

Additionally, dental clinics may see that the ethnic inhabitants are usually ripe grounds to get new patients. This is since, apart from other reasons, the regional advertising environment is less crowded. And advertising that is done in local languages contrary to the typical English language advert is often received with appreciation. However, if you decide to go this route, you must have multilingual staff members. Even if staff members that are unable to speak a different language should expect how prospective patients speak if they eventually call.

Understanding Selling 101

Whereas people expect the staff at the front desk always to pick up the phone when it rings, their primary duty among every other role is to make sales. For example, if a prospective patient calls in and says that they are on Medicaid, there is a way of responding to this. You should not reply by saying that your clinic does not accept Medicaid while hanging up. However, it would be best if you said something like this: we work with several plans, and additionally, we offer somewhat competitive pricing systems for our fresh patients and flexible payment plans.

You can then continue, “We understand that you want quality care, therefore let us see if we can work something out for your benefit.”

Being the primary manager of reviews

Typically, the staff at the front desk is strategically placed to take patient reviews. They communicate with patients over the phone. When patients walk into the clinic, the front desk staff is usually the first to see them. And they certainly understand the patients once again as they are leaving. These are opportunities for them to request reviews from patients as well as to develop secure methods for these patients to get in their studies. In most cases, all you have to do to get a review is to ask.

There is typical, a more significant, more vital, and tactical part to reviews for a patient. In the case that there is a bad review of your practice, everyone goes into reactive and defensive mode to obtain several favorable reviews and conceal the negative review.

However, with no skill and experience in this specific area, you may not succeed at this. You could have the negative review still at the upper part of the page, damaging your goodwill and hindering you from getting new businesses.

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