Are You Utilizing Your Greatest Marketing Tools?

If you are a professional dentist, you know the importance of a great clientele base. A satisfied patient will refer you to another patient who might be in dire need of a great dentist. Your satisfied patients are nothing less than an asset for you and your career because referral works better and faster in the healthcare industry.

It is common sense that people believe in real experiences more than an advertisement when it comes to medical issues. To be specific, no one will visit a doctor based on an ad, if any of their friends or family don’t approve of them. Everyone is super conscious when it comes to healthcare systems. You are certainly going to believe your friends and family’s recommendations for a doctor or a dentist.

So it is high time that you realize that you are wasting your time on those huge marketing tools to get patients that don’t tap into your business through those online advertisements. There is a better resource that you aren’t using effectively; that is, your existing client base. They are your fans!


You must know what type of patient is great to convert into your fan or permanent clientele base. Here is what makes a patient great and attractable:

●     They are easy to talk to

●     They are very regular about their checkups.

●     They are understanding the treatment procedures that are put-forth for them.

●     They are willing to treat their dental issues seriously and take your advice too.

●     They are so satisfied that they refer you to their family and friends.

You know what a great patient is all about, but the problem is; how do you attract them? Well, your most satisfied patient is your marketing tool and he/she is sitting in front of you, with their mouth open, relying on you completely!


Patients do not make referrals if there isn’t an existing referral program already. It is very rare for patients to do so. The care to share the type of programs are boring these days and are not even considered a thing by the majority of people. Thus, if you have an active referral program, it is great. You know the basics of magnetizing a great clientele base.



Now, having an active referral program is awesome but the question is; is it working? To see whether your program is working or not, you have to track down the two most important factors:

●     How many new patients did you get through the referral program within a month?

●     How many hygiene appointments did you have within a  month?

Next up, you have to divide the number of hygiene visits by the number of referral patients that you got in a month. This will give you an amazing average of how well your referral program is working or whether it is even working for you or not. Remember, that if your calculation is 10% or below, your referral program is not working at all or you are not utilizing it properly to unleash its complete potential.

However, there is nothing to freak out about because there are incredible companies and services that can help you unleash your referrals’ potential to the fullest.



You need to get your client base high in a way that is fun for you and engages your patients with you amazingly. The best way to push the potential of your referral program is to offer an incentive to your existing raving clients/patients. You want them to recommend you to people further. Just keep the incentive medicare. Do not go out of the way. Maybe you can give them a free hygiene visit appointment?

Internal marketing programs also play a huge role in bringing in new clients. Your website design, your clinic’s outlook and hygiene along with a set of other important features; all play a huge role in building a raving clinical base.

With us, you are going to get it all! We can help you set incentives that make your referrals work. You don’t have to plan the unknown, all on your own as we know what clients would need. Also, we can set a customized internal marketing program for your dental services that will help you magnetize more people easily.


We are here to help you 24/7. If you want to flourish your dental services, you need to market it through the right resources. We promise to help you grow in your business and make the most out of your existing client base. Our team of experts has been working for years and has provided amazing marketing services to a lot of doctors. You can give us a call and ask all the queries before you sign up with us. Our team won’t let you down and we promise to utilize the right marketing tools for you, to take your business up the notch.


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