7 Things to Do Before Using Facebook Ads for Your Dental Practice

Do you know that you can use Facebook ads for your dental practice and still have nothing to show for it? We’ve seen many dental professionals, dentists, dental assistants or dental managers who have spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads, yet they are struggling to attract patients to their dental practice.

On the contrary, these people set up their Facebook ads correctly. They targeted their potential customers based on interests, locations, gender, income, and age. However, they forget to implement basic strategies that will help them get the most benefit out of their ads.

To convert your leads into sales, here are 7 things to do before using Facebook ads for your dental practice.

Update your About page

Your Facebook About page is the most important section of your Facebook business page. This section is where your potential clients can find details about your dental practice, including your working time, price range and contact information.

So, ensure you add all the necessary information to your About section. That way, when you run your Facebook ads, clients can know more about your dental practice.

Add a call to action

In addition to updating your About page, you need to add a call-to-action button to your Facebook business page. You will find the call-to-action button on the right side of your About page. If you click the button, you will see options like Book with you, Contact you, Shop with you, etc. Choose any options that will help you achieve your goals.

Upload attractive cover pictures and profile pictures

Even though many dentists using Facebook ads usually upload their profile picture, most dental professionals often forget to upload their cover picture. So, we advise you to pay maximum attention to your cover picture and profile picture.

Also, use an attractive cover image that matches your brand. And ensure that your cover picture and profile picture are not misleading, deceptive or violating copyright laws. Note that the recommended dimension for a profile picture is 180 x 180 pixels, while that for a cover picture is 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on mobile devices.

Take advantage of cover videos

Facebook now allows its users to use a cover video instead of a cover picture on their business page. With a cover video, you can share stories about your dental practice in a more engaging way.

Post engaging content

Try as much as possible to populate your Facebook page with engaging content. You can publish dental tips, dental infographics, or special offers on your Facebook business page. Doing so will give you a competitive edge.

Pin your best posts to the top of the feed

First impressions matter a lot. And to create a good first impression about your dental practice, you should pin posts that have the highest likes, comments, or engagement rate. To pin posts, click on the three dots (…) at the right corner of the post and click “Pin to Top of Page”. By doing this, your audience will be motivated to know more about your dental services.

Bottom line

Before you start your Facebook promotion campaign, make sure you optimize your Facebook business page. Your phone number, address, and other contact information should be spelt correctly. Your cover picture, profile picture, and content should look professional.

That said. Feel free to comment below on other things which you think every dental professional should do before using Facebook ads for their dental practice.


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