5 different time-tested tips for marketing which will always be effective

Follow through with this technique to get a permanent dental marketing breakthrough

Regardless of how popular styles look like currently, only a few fads really survive the times. It is always part of the man’s nature to always want to jump on the bandwagon. Therefore, it is only sensible that we would want similar clothes like our neighbors or want to live a similar lifestyle similar to our neighbors.

While paying attention to trends in fashion is not really important, when everything in life is considered (save for the occasional shameful throwback photo). However, following marketing fads without any consideration and control – this can be a rather expensive error for dentists.

In these modern times where we have glitzy digital marketing devices as well as numerous tech solutions, there are a million ways of promoting your dental clinic.

However, the same as numerous previous schemes that promise to make you rich, there is no replacement for traditional planning and preparation.

Whether you currently promote your dental clinic by using traditional methods or you use both online and offline strategies, these marketing techniques that have been time-tested are still as potent as they had been several years back.

Develop an action plan

Either you or anyone of your staff, possibly get many calls from promotional and marketing vendors every week – everyone as persuasive as the final call. If you do not have any marketing plan, you could end up answering affirmatively to numerous things. This can lead to the mentality of just trying any approach and hoping it will work out. This can lead to wasted time and money. Therefore, before you consider using another bland promotional scheme, you should pause and consider creating a solid strategy.

In the first step, determine your five perfect patient profiles, then you could find the most suitable to get in touch with these “types.” For instance, if you are considering approaching the moms within a community, making use of social media platforms is possibly more productive rather than through print advertising.

Estimating your budget beforehand will go a great way in helping you to choose which one of the methods you want to make a priority and the ones to ignore for now.

Always have a target to market to

However, if your marketing budget is unlimited, just move straight to the next point. To most of our erstwhile dentist-readers, always remember this: you should know your target market. This way you can then know the best way of getting across to your targeted audience.

Of course, you can spend lots of money on some advert on a billboard or TV commercial. It is likely that lots of people will come across your advert. However, you should consider, if those people are part of the target market that you are trying to reach. In order to create a cost-effective marketing plan, you should target the locals and this should be towards the ideal group of potential patients.

Keep it consistent.

While you find your target market and create a solid marketing plan, you should focus on frequency. You should try hitting your target group as much as you can. You should keep sending out your message with as much as the marketing budget can let you to. If you do have a pretty tight budget, then you should minimize the magnitude of your target market and hyper-target the likely audience that can lead to your success. Additionally, you should steadily market to this group instead of just approaching a bigger group just once.

Having momentum is a very important part of creating a productive marketing plan. But momentum cannot be created if you lack consistency. Be it that you are currently using Google AdWords or direct mail, you should focus on each separate strategy for nothing less than four months to six. Repetition, or alternatively, “frequency,” as it is referred to in the marketing world, is the only way people in the community will start knowing about and trusting your practice. This way, anytime that they feel like they have to visit a dental clinic, then they will find you.

Spend some money

If our world was a perfect one, verbal marketing would have been sufficient to sustain the growth of your practice. It is highly possible that your current patients are helping you in referring to numerous fresh patients right now. But this is not really a solution that can be relied on.

Just consider that you choose to take on one more associate or you want to transform your dental business and you are looking at increasing the number of dentists in your clinic. Just consider that there is a competitive change in your locality and suddenly you require to access more fresh patients. The thing is that a time will come when you will have to market and promote your dental clinic, and for you to be successful in this regard, you should be comfortable with spending enough money.

It could be challenging trying to determine the amount of money to spend, therefore, this is a natural rule: you should look to spend between 3 and 5 percent out of your total yearly production during a normal year. While you can spend between 6 and 8 percent at every fourth or third year to upgrade your marketing systems (such as website, branding, etc.)

You should effectively follow-through

You should have a fluid marketing plan. The plan should be sufficiently flexible to cater for alterations regarding returns as well as budgetary concerns. Whereas the first step is developing a plan, this is not the place to stop. You should continuously monitor your performance so as to make sure that your budget is being spent productively.

The personnel in the front desk is highly important in this case, in monitoring responses. You should also make your front desk personnel form a habit of always asking every fresh patient caller or internet inquirer how they were able to discover your practice. Then this caller can share the information of every response in a publicly shared document. In addition, you have reporting and tracking abilities are contained in your online promotional tools (such as Google Analytics), or your custom tracking cell phone numbers to be used for print or traditional advertising. You should ensure that these techniques are totally controlled and tracked always by appointing one person in charge of monitoring the sources of fresh patients across every marketing campaign.

You should just not create a plan for marketing and just ignore it, you should regularly check on this plan to see its effectiveness. You should see if it helps you in achieving your business objectives and if it is able to pull in the right patients. While you will always have fresh and advanced to market your dental clinic, established marketing basics will always be in style.


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