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Learn How You Can Attract More Patients to Your Dental Practice.

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Perfect Choice for Dental Professionals

Put an end to old fashioned dental marketing techniques that are only good at wasting your money and time. Learn the modern magic of booking patients.

Over 30 Video Lessons

Step-by-step, easy to understand video lessons so there are no barriers to your progress and learning, starting today!

Reading Materials

Our 30+ lessons are unique, interesting, and has no fillers. So, you will only be learning things that are effective.

Bonus Materials

Do you want to learn more? We got you covered, with authentic resources, bonus materials, and discounts on software.

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Who is this course for

Specifically planned for dental professionals, dentists, assistants, and dental managers, this course is aimed at educating these professionals about advanced techniques and tools, and current online marketing opportunities that not only improve their dental business but also help in its growth. The participants of this course will acquire the required skills that will enable them to develop their online marketing strategy. The course will also assist them in implementing their marketing strategy by collaborating with local marketing professionals. The dental marketing course “More-Patients" has been authenticated by dental professionals, including Dentists, hygienist and office managers.





What You'll Learn

Gain access to our online content from anywhere and at any time. Learn how you can: :

  • Use online marketing techniques to improve your practice.
  • Figure out what is wrong with your existing marketing strategy.
  • Captivate new and more patients to your practice, every month!
  • Increase the loyalty of your existing customers
  • Optimize your marketing that will reduce your money and time.
  • Develop a strong and effective relationship with your existing and upcoming patients

… and more!

Expected Results of this Course

Apply these techniques within 365 days and Get More Patients

or 100% Money back.

What People Are Saying...​

We were stranded on what to do and how to start and I decided to try this course and the results are unbelievable. We have more patients than we ever imagined. Thanks!!
John W.
I can’t explain my joy in words! I just invested $30 on a created ads for a few likes and leads. The magic is that I got revenue of more than $6000!! This is amazing!
Amanda M.
Office Manager
The course is first class and they did a great job explaining how dental marketing works in simpler terms and they back it up with a fantastic worksheet. Very impressed so far!
Dr. Elmer L.

Things that You are not taught in One Day Marketing Workshops or Dental School

More-Patient dental marketing course covers all key characteristics of traditional and online marketing, particularly for dental practices.

This course is developed to elucidate all marketing related topics by teaching you what you really need and providing you current tools and techniques that can significantly enhance your practice.

In addition, this course will upscale your current marketing strategy that will win the hearts of your marketing suppliers. In order for your dental practice to be successful, it is crucial to deep dive into the marketing world.

Topics in Course

Power of the Web

Use the magic of the internet to increase the efficiency of your dental marketing practice.

Local Marketing

Marketing aimed towards your neighborhood and local communities that are within your dental office vicinity.

Dental Office and Staff

Coach and instruct your dental professionals, specifically your staff, and make your office a marketing hub.

Dental Referral Program

If you want to grow your practice, a strong and effective referral program is always the best choice.

The #1 Dental Marketing Course For Dentists, And TEAMS, TO GROW, SCALE AND MARKET THEIR PRACTICES, FAST!

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